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Welcome.  Thinking is fun.  No assumptions and no goals.  Let us clear the air but not the air from the room.  Breathe deeply and relax.

There is a happy story of thinking without fear and without desire.  to “In media res” said a literate man, in the middle, in the dynamic real continuity of existence.  Here and now, a point in space, a moment in time.  Wake up, focus and pay attention.

Layers of reflection are a story of reflective thought, a tool for thinking about thinking about thinking.  Science currently faces the dilemma of the scientist’s perceptual act changing the observed phenomena.  This dilemma becomes a contradiction when these actors are cast in an object-subject dualistic story of reality.  A story of layered reflective thinking points in the direction toward the way out, the path toward space to think, room to breathe deeply and relax, room to be happy and experience other emotions, powerful and valuable awareness of and within the moment now, which is no simple story.

Importantly to the defenders of objective scientific thought, reflective thinking allows a place for science to continue to exist as one of the many tools for Wild thinking, relevant to a specific well explored subset of human needs, but more importantly, these scientific tools of thought are irrelevant to another human need: how to think clearly and powerfully about oneself.

What value are the great medical scientific triumphs, such as anesthesia and appendectomy surgery, when one cannot think clearly or powerfully enough to happily take responsibility for one’s own happiness?

Has it helped for you to think of yourself as a ghost within a machine?  Has it helped for you to think wholesale jerseys of your mind as separate from your body?  Has it helped for you to think of your soul as separate from the physical world?  Perhaps.  Probably.  It depends what problems you have encountered in your personal story, into which roles Hello you have cast yourself and how your decisions molded the fate of your character.  What matters is that you are here now, awake, and fully aware in and of reality.  Reality is not a story and cannot be a definition, by definition.  Concepts of reality are those stories that are so often confused.

Let us learn to take responsibility for our actions by learning to think and communicate clearly and powerfully about ourselves.  We will learn to play with Douglas Hofstadter’s “Strange Loop” without getting confused by the inherent contradictions.  We will learn to think about artificial intelligence (AI) systems that choose their own goals.  We will build an understanding of the difference between free will, determinism, and chance.  We will learn how to rationally interpret the irrational fears of Elon Musk when he speaks about intelligent machines taking over the world.  Family We will build an understanding of a probabilistic universe and multiple universe theory.  We will build an understanding of neuroscience and its relationship to psychology.  We will build an understanding of the inescapable utility cheap jerseys and valuable teachings inherent in many of the world’s religions.  These are just a few of the fun stories of our times that are so often confused and not thought about or communicated clearly.
We think in terms of stories about reality.  Reality is not a story.  To think and communicate clearly about reality, we try to use language in a way that does not contradict itself, noting and laughing about such contradictions when we do recognize them.  Understanding stories and the different languages used in different stories is an important step to beginning to think and communicate clearly with ourselves about ourselves.

Reflective thinking is one specific retelling of an age old story, a signpost pointing the way in the story of life.  You are the one doing the walking, writing your own story, casting yourself into your own roles, determining the fate of cheap jerseys China your character.  Love yourself.  You are responsible for your own happiness, which is awesome.