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Today I’ve accepted a job developing Artificial Intelligence for Apple.  Apple’s previously publicly disclosed description of the position follows:

Job Description:  Siri Advanced Development, AI Project Lead

Job Summary

This position is for a technical, hands-on, senior project leader in AI projects and applications.
This position offers the right person a chance to play a central part in the next revolution in human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence. They’ll contribute to a product that is redefining computing. They’ll be part of a team that’s creating groundbreaking technology for large scale systems, using spoken language and artificial intelligence.  They’ll work with the people who created the intelligent assistant that helps millions of people get things done.  They’ll be working in the Siri Advanced Development team, at Apple.
The Siri Advanced Development team is looking for exceptional technical leaders with AI and machine learning skills to drive the definition and creation of new user experiences with Siri.

Key Qualifications

Advanced degree in CS, AI, or ML.
At least 10 years experience in inventing new categories of application and user experience.
Experience with a variety of languages and development environments and tools, including Java, Objective C, and Python.
Familiarity with Unix and Git is extremely important.
Able to work closely with software engineers, at an extremely detailed level.
Experience with User Experience design and evaluation (including interaction design and information design, but not necessarily graphical design).
Outstanding communication and presentation skills.
Must work well in a fast-moving, team-oriented, collaborative environment, and must be able to mentor and guide others.

Job Description

If hired, you will primarily be responsible for designing new categories of intelligent assistance, and for driving forward on the project that delivers on those designs.  Your skills must cover both client-side concerns (user experience, etc) and server-side concerns (scalable AI ‘reasoning’ systems, etc).
To succeed in this role, you must be a strong visionary, architect, computer scientist, and user experience advocate.  You must be willing and able to “jump in” to coding, as required.  You need to be a creative problem solver and mentor who thrives in a fast-paced environment, working across teams and organizations. You must love creating an elegant user experience and tackling seemingly impossible problems.

You Want To Work For This Group

As part of the overall Siri group, Siri Advanced Development expands the technology and design envelope for new intelligent components and multi-modal user experiences at Apple.  There is no more exciting place to be, at Apple, or anywhere else in the world.


B.S in Computer Science.
Advanced degree (PhD preferred) in CS or AI.
Experience with basic and applied research in AI extremely helpful (authoring peer-reviewed journal articles).